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Using LISA as an Artist

What is LISA? - CHANGE WORDING SINCE no Longer open marketplace

LISA is the first of its kind open marketplace for on-demand beauty, barber and massage services. LISA connects consumers with professional service providers a.k.a. “Artists.” They can schedule services at mutually agreed-upon places, times and prices.

Why do you call the service providers Artists?

We refer to our independent beauty, barber and massage professionals as Artists because that’s what they are. They transform their clients’ looks and feelings with scissors, a brush, blush, lipstick, paint, nimble fingers, hair color and conversation.

How can I become an independent LISA Artist?

Independent LISA Artists must be 18 years of age. Artists can sign up to work by creating a profile in the app and filling out their personal information including license, certification and financial details. Artists will be verified and notified directly through the app.

Do Artists work for LISA?

Artists are independent business owners and are not employees of LISA. Artists independently determine their own schedules, service offerings and prices.

What types of Artist services are part of the platform?

LISA independent Artists are allowed to perform any service covered by their license. Licensed Artists on our platform include estheticians, barbers, cosmetologists, massage therapists, and nail technicians. Each individual Artist determines their own service offerings.

Makeup Artists are not licensed and they may only perform basic makeup services. They may not perform any service that would otherwise require a license.

Do I need to be licensed to offer services on LISA?

LISA only accepts licensed Artists to work on the LISA platform, except if you are a Makeup Artist. Makeup Artists must document they are school certified or have relevant work experience during the registration process.

Scheduling services on the platform

How much time do I have to accept an on-demand appointment request?

For on-demand appointments, you have 3 minutes to respond to a request. This is why we ask that your phone or ‘storefront’ is always charged, on and near you. You’ll have to turn it back on every hour that you’re available to take appointments.

How much time do I have to accept an appointment for a future date?

For future appointments you have 30 minutes to respond to a request which is why we ask that your phone or ‘storefront’ is always charged, on and near you. You’ll have to turn it back on every hour that you’re available to take appointments.

Can I schedule an appointment for my client?

No. You can suggest that your client download the LISA app and request a service during your future schedule. Upon receiving the request, you can book the appointment. You also have the flexibility to double-book based on specific services being offered at certain times.

In the future we may offer this service. Until then, ask your clients to schedule a future appointment after paying, reviewing and rating the current appointment with you.

How does the on-demand service work?

Turn on your ‘on-demand business’ and go mobile. On-demand means within an hour. Be sure to keep your phone charged, on and near you, even when you’re with other clients. Keep it on every hour that you are available to take appointments.

How do I get alerts for requests for my services?

On your phone, make sure that you set up “alerts” under “settings” and “notifications” so these alerts come to your texts as well as the app. This way, you should never miss a service request regardless if the app is open or not. Make sure you turn your app on every hour that you’re available to take appointments.

Where can I perform my services?

You can provide services when and where you want: your home, booth rental, salon or at a client’s home or office.

Pricing – freedom & flexibility

Can I set my own price?

The beauty of an open marketplace is that Artists set their prices for each service they provide and clients can choose the pricing that suits their budget. The prices Artists select are viewable to the clients that want to book them. Set fixed prices for most services but for some offerings such as color, choose range pricing. It’s important to keep your prices fair and accurate based on expertise and experience.

Can I change my price list whenever I want?

You can change your prices any time but be careful not to do it too often or you may confuse the clients and it could affect your ratings. Consistency is key.

Working on the platform

How long does the verification of my license take?

The license and certification verification process can take between 3-5 business days to complete once the Artist signs up.

A double rating system keeps everyone honest

Will I have a profile page to advertise my work to potential clients?

Yes. The app features your services, prices, reviews and client work photos.

How can I find new clients?

Let clients find you with the beauty of the LISA open marketplace, by going on-demand and staying on-demand. Clients look for Artists with good reviews and photos, within their area and price range. The more services you do, the more ratings you’ll get that can ‘push’ you higher on the list of available Artists.

(Caution: When you are not on-demand, make sure to turn off this feature to avoid having to decline client requests and potentially affecting your ratings.)

Benefits for salon owners

Why would salon owners want LISA?

We will be introducing great features for salon owners. With LISA, everyone wins. About 35% of salon booths sit empty across the U.S. each day. New features that benefit salons and power businesses are expected to decrease booth vacancy and add services such as house calls.

Are salon owners receptive to using LISA?

Yes. Several salon owners are part of the independent Artist Support Team seen here:

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