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Add value to your residential community by giving your residents a highly desired amenity with our convenient pop-up beauty and wellness services that attract, engage, retain, and add value to your community.

How it works


Choose what services and how often- weekly, monthly, or quarterly you would like to pamper your residents.


Get the word out the upcoming experience using the marketing materials provided. 


Designate a common space for our vetted professionals- a clubhouse, lobby, or fitness center.


Sit back and enjoy your community's new turnkey beauty and wellness experience.

Our Services

Let's get started anchor

Pop-up beauty & wellness experiences that align with your community culture 

Build sense of community

Become more than just where your residents live. Become a community by bringing your residents together with creative events they will be excited to attend.

Stand out

Stand out from the competition by offering unique and convenient amenities that residents will be excited to use. 

Create long-term residents

Keep your residents happy with all you have to offer to create long-term residents that want to stay a part of your community.


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