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Are you ready to take control of your career? Estheticians and skin care professionals can do just that, by downloading The Lisa App today.

The great thing about LISA is that you set your own hours and your own prices for the services you want to offer on-demand or at your salon. Once you sign up, build a great profile and get afew high ratings, new clients can find you when they look for services. You can serve clients where you want, when you want, and for the price you want.

Going Mobile | Esthetician


  • Download LISA! iOS Android

  • Make sure you are capable of fulfilling the client’s expectations

  • Be presentable, organized and on time

  • Wear Shoe Booties to protect client’s flooring

  • Sanitize your hands

  • Always double check your workspace

  • Use a LISA mat (request at

  • Don’t forget your phone and keep it charged: Battery Pack

  • Clean up after yourself or as we say: “leave no trace”

  • LISA Kit (coming soon)

  • Carrying Luggage ❘ Case

  • Download Lifeline Response (a security monitoring feature)


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Clean Up


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