Beauty and Wellness at Work

Taking care of the people you count on is no longer an option...

It’s a business imperative.


and retain talent


your employer brand


your team productive

From manicures and haircuts to massages and meditation, we help you take care of your people so they feel less stressed, refreshed and valued.

Work/Life Balance

Save your employees time and money by offering regularly utilized self-care services during the workday, allowing more time with family and friends. 

Increase Productivity

Win back your employees' time by bringing self-care to them, and watch their productivity increase. The convenience of LISA keeps people on-site.


An exciting perk for employees that is pain-free for company management. 


80% of employees'

report they are stressed at work.



employers annual spend on turnover.

4 in 5

employees would
rather get benefits over a raise


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