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Amenities attract tenants, and make them more likely to stay.

What is LISA?
It’s self-care where people live and work.

What does that mean exactly?
It means services like massages and haircuts, manicures and meditation brought directly to
offices and buildings, to help them look good, feel great, and ultimately, work better.

Why do you do that?
Because research shows anxiety and stress are on the rise. Additionally, people are more
pressed for time than ever before. We make it easy for people to feel less stressed, refreshed
and, as tenants or employees, valued.

Does it really work?
Our clients—people like CBRE and Tishman Speyer—love LISA. It helps them attract and
retain talent and tenants.

How do you do it?
We partner with employers and buildings to set up and schedule professional artists for their
employees and tenants.

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