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Frequently Asked Questions

Services Provided by Licensed Artists

LISA’s Artists are fully licensed by their state’s regulatory board in their practice area.   In most states, the process to become a licensed provider requires over a thousand hours of training, passing a practical and/or written exam, and annual continuing education.


Health and Cleanliness

Artists are trained professionals and maintain high standards of cleanliness while following or exceeding the CDC and their state licensure sanitation guidelines.  This includes: washing hands thoroughly between appointments (or using hand sanitizer), sanitizing all tools, equipment and product between each client, wiping down their station between clients, and wearing face masks and gloves during services if appropriate, and using disposable tools whenever possible.

Simple review system

After every appointment, you can provide feedback about your experience.  LISA’s Operations Team carefully reviews every comment and rating to continue to improve the overall experience.

Cashless, hassle-free payment experience

After you receive your service, your credit card is charged for the unsubsidized cost of the service.  If desired, tips can be given in a cashless manner too.       

Improve Work/Life Balance

Save time by enjoying regularly utilized self-care services during the workday.  This allows you more time to spend with your family and friends.

Save Money

LISA’s services are offered at a competitive cost to going to a spa or salon, and even less expensive to you if your company or property manager subsidizes part or all of the expense.

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