LISA brings services to frontline workers, SINAI, Rush University, Porter Adventist

Bringing Self-Care On Site

We help your people look good, feel good, and live better!

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We keep the people you count on feeling less stressed, refreshed, and valued.

We tailor the LISA experience to connect

      with your culture,

suit your space,

and meet your needs.

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We provide your people convenience, the gift of time, flexible scheduling and a chance to recharge.

"Self Care is giving the world the best of you,

instead of what's left of you."

- Katie Reed

 I look forward to my express facials with Belinda. When she is done, my face feels so fresh and smooth and it glows.  Gotta love it! The fact that Lisa is right downstairs in our own building, it doesn’t get any more convenient than that!  Plus the building pays a portion of the cost which makes it that much more convenient and affordable, so basically there is no reason not to want to do this.  

Kirkland and Ellis

In an age where most people can work from home, it’s of the utmost importance for Property Managers to keep their buildings not only enjoyable, but functional. Lisa App brings both to the table! We have utilized barbering and styling, table massage, and manicure services from Lisa App and they have become an essential part of our Community Management Program. Our tenants love the amenity of using their break to access wellness and beauty services right at their building, and at an affordable cost. As a Community Manager, I couldn’t recommend Lisa App enough – I believe they are the front runner without question in Beauty, Convenience, and Wellness Services!



LISA provides flexible services and the opportunity to save time and money. I would highly recommend LISA to anyone looking to increase value...and take a much needed break.”



Taking care of the people
you count on.

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