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Help 100,000 Healthcare Heroes Feel Appreciated

"I am incredibly appreciative for this experience. The last person I have thought about is myself, it felt good that someone was thinking about me." ER Nurse ~ Holy Cross Hospital.

We need your help! 

Your contribution will help reach the goal of providing services to 100,000 Healthcare Heroes nationwide while providing work to many Artists (beauty and wellness professionals) who have been negatively impacted financially during this pandemic.

Every day, Healthcare Heroes tirelessly battle against COVID-19, treat those who are ill, and keep our communities safe while putting their lives, and their family's lives, at risk. They are always taking care of us, so we want to give back and take care of them by providing self-care services. These services include Massages, Facials, Manicures, and Haircuts to help them relax and rejuvenate during this highly stressful time so they can continue the fight for you and your family.

“I cannot adequately express how much we appreciate this gift of relaxation during such a challenging and exhausting time.” Karen Teitelbaum, President, and CEO of Sinai Health System. 

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